the unique bikers resort in Tuscany

Welcome to our project - BIKE-VILLAGE

We like to give you a short introduction to our idea and where we are for the moment.

Most important activity at this time is to find Investors willing to be part of this project. We are looking for all kind of Investors:

Please get in contact with us - there is a lot of additional information and details on the plans. You will just need a Login for the closed section of this WebSite.

To get you personal LOGIN data please contact:


The initiator of this porject:

Tobi auf der Harley ChileTobias Ullrich (46) - passionate biker for 30 years now with close to 1 Mio kilometers on his bikes in all continents but Australia (something still outstanding). 10 years travelling Tuscany and enjoying all aspects of it. Professional data: BBA with 20 years experience working for major IT companies worldwide.

Our focus has changed and we like to bring a few things together:

To join all these nice things together the plan was born to build up a biker resort in the middle of Tuscany. Make it something special. Not just another agriturismo site, or the next 5 star castle hotel, but a real place for bikers to enjoy their life.

Use all the nice things already in place: like a castle, a village, the vineyards and the olive trees, have cattle and horses a nice pool to relax, a good restaurant and some nice bars without the need to drive, beautyful rooms and the exiting atmosphere of being part of a big biker event every day with the option to stay calm when you like it.

Bring all these things into ONE project, add some rental bikes, if you do not want to take yours for the long distances, some entertainment for your family so you can enjoy the streets and feel good about your family knowing they are also spending a great time. 

So - have closer look to our plans and ideas ................more.